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Sour Cherry Tripel

Good Morning everyone….. I have been somewhat busy for the past month, but  fret not,  you’ll be seeing a lot more updates to the blog from now on. I recently took a step out of my comfort zone and brewed a sour cherry Tripel.


I started to acquire a taste for these after attending the 1 Year Anniversary of Night Shift Brewery in Everett, MA. (#nightshiftbrewing). If you live in the Boston area, you should really check these guys out. They have been doing some wonderful things with sours and very unique Belgian yeast-strands.


This past weekend, I attended SpringFest, A Celebration of Hops, in Boston. I’ll be posting a full review of who was there and  some of my favorites of the show. For now stay tuned and happy brewing.




Apologize for the hiatus….

Hey Everyone, 

First off, I want to apologize for taking a month off. Things have been busy with work plus getting the flu hasn’t helped either. I have a ton of updates coming so please be patient. Project Pure Awesomeness is almost complete and I have finalized a brew schedule for the spring and summer. Stay tuned and happy brewing. 


For you IPA lovers out there…. check out Jay’s Brewing Blog. He makes some very good suggestions about brewing your IPA. It’s got me thinking for Fat Pants IPA v2.0

Jay's Brewing Blog

If you are like most homebrewers out there, most likely you have tried an IPA.  If you haven’t you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years (I only kid).  The fact of the mater is, IPA’s are becoming and have been a big sensation in the craftbeer/homebrewing world for some time now.  Recently I just put up a post about my general opinion of them and got a lot of feed back.  I wanted to have a follow-up post of though.



One of the great things about homebrewing is that you can MAKE tweaks to what ever you want.   So I have compiled 6 friendly suggestions to help keep your IPA’s fresh, different, and still something that stands out among IPA’s that are out there.   I’ve made plenty of IPA’s in the past, and even now I will still make experimental batches of…

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More Coming Soon…

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the long delay. I will be completing the kegerator this weekend so please stay tuned for updates and pictures.


Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend. Sunday was a very productive day before the Super Bowl festivities started. After about 6 weeks of aging, I finally kegged my Schneider Aventinus clone. Side note: make sure you check the seals on your keg. I spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out why the keg wasn’t holding pressure. It turned out that one of the seals was missing. It was very frustrating. I digress.


I was also able to rack my IPA into the secondary fermenter and dry hop it with some Sorachi Ace from Japan. This is going to give the beer a lemony undertone with some added bitterness.

Fat Pants IPA

In regards to the kegerator (AKA Project Pure Awesomeness), I was able to epoxy the collar to the freezer this weekend. I’m going to let that bond for a couple days and then reattach the hood. After that I can work on all the plumbing and then we’ll be ready to go. It’s going to be LENGEN…… DARY.

This Saturday I’m going to tackle a hefeweizen and infuse it with Thai chilies, lime, and ginger. Stay tuned and happy brewing.

The Kegerator

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for the long absence, I have been busy with work and traveling so I haven’t had much time to post anything but I do have a few updates for you. I currently have my first Ryan Reilly original IPA fermenting and will be racking it to the secondary for some dry hopping on Sunday. It is going to have a blend of 5 different hops (Centennial, Sorachi Ace, Nelson, Simcoe, and Cascade). Hopes are high for this one.

Project Pure Awesomeness a.k.a. The Kegerator is moving along nicely. Bill and I finished sanding, drilling the holes for the taps, and staining the collar. I’m really happy with how the stain came out. I went with a dark brown which I like to call sexual chocolate. This weekend we are going to epoxy the collar to the freezer and once that has had a few days to dry and seal, it will be ready for the plumbing. After that, it will be fully operational. Stay tuned for more updates this weekend.


If you’d like to tackle this project yourself, the guys at Northern Brewer (#northernbrewer) have a wonderful guide that I’m following or you can check out this link. (How to Build a Keezer)

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