Phase 2 Complete

Hey Everyone,

I apologize for the long hiatus, but I do have a few updates for you. Phase 2 of Project Pure Awesomeness is complete.  This weekend I was able to get my kegerator back home to finish the plumbing and test the lines. Everything came out exactly as planned.


I found out there is a bit of fine tuning that goes into carbonating the beer but my Weizenbock came out nicely. This beer was simply of a clone of Schneider’s Aventinus (Weizenbock). The color, aroma, and taste were all fantastic. The carbonation was the only thing that needed a bit of tweaking. Round 2 of tasting comes Tuesday night.


I was also able to transfer Fat Pants IPA v. 1.0 into the keg .The hop aroma was wonderful. It had a very fruity and citrusy smell. I can’t wait to try some. “Here Lloyd…. This Helps” German Witbier (infused with Serrano peppers, lime, and ginger) went into a keg as well. This is going to go under the experimental series but I need to give credit to the guys at Ballast Point Brewing. I had their version of this and it was delicious. I can only hope mine comes remotely close to tasting as good as theirs.


Next up is Phase 3 of Project: Pure Awesomeness…building the box the kegerator will go into.  Stay tuned and happy brewing.

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    Thanks for the LIKE, Jim.

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